Volunteers are essential and highly valued in any school community. Volunteers enrich the quality of life for our students and their families and are in turn, enriched by their experiences.

Volunteers in schools in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese need to participate in an Induction Process.

Induction, which are essential to your participation as a volunteer and will usually include:

  • Obtaining and school citing of a Working with Children’s Check (WWCC)
  • Apply to the Office of the Children’s Guardian here
  • Or visit an office of Service NSW
  • Acknowledgement of being provided with a Volunteer Induction Handbook
  • Acknowledgement of viewing slide show / printed Volunteer Induction slides. The slide show is available on the school’s web page.
  • Completion and return of the following:

         - Form 1 “Volunteer Registration.” This allows us to make contact with you and ensure that we have details of your contacts in the event of an emergency                        impacting you.

          - Form 2 “Confidentiality Agreement.” This agreement clarifies the requirement for confidentiality and privacy of members of our community to be respected.

          - Form 3 “Photograph / Video Permission.”

  • Completion of a WWCC Number Verification & Declaration Form (for volunteers & contractors). This form requires you to provide a 100 Point ID check and can be completed and returned to the school administration office with where your ID will be checked.
  • Induction packs are available in the front office.
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